Sunday, December 2, 2012

Violent Peace-loving Hippies

So I had this exchange at work on Friday:

My co-worker (I’ll call her Ilene): Do you have any plans for the weekend?
Me: I’ll probably spend most of Saturday in Berkeley.
Ilene: Don’t get stabbed.
Me: I’m going to Berkeley, not Oakland.
Ilene: They don’t like the military in Berkeley.  Those hippies will stab you.
Me: …

Of course I relayed this exchange to the friends I was going to see.  About half of them went nearly apoplectic with laughter and another put that comment in the top 10 dumbest things he’s ever heard.  People in Berkeley are pretty dedicated to their “Live and Let Live” philosophy.  I could ride a tricycle down University Blvd dressed like a character from Rocky Horror while singing the best of Queen and receive nothing more threatening than an appreciative fist bump.  Possibly, if I went walking around in full service dress, I might attract a few protesters.  However, all I’d have to do is walk past an ethnic vegan restaurant and I’d be rid of them in no time.  “Get our troops out of Afghanistan!  Ooh look, that Himalayan place is all vegetarian and gluten-free.”

We demand that the Vegan Ethiopian Cafe also have a varied selection of craft beer.

(If you pictured Frank N. Furter singing Fat Bottomed Girls on that tricycle, you get a point.  You should probably keep track of those.  There might me more.)

Lesson 10: Those hippies will not stab you.