Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Stupidity is Painful

I'm just going to take a few minutes tonight to rant about some idiots I've encountered lately.  Because apparently it's been raining dumb around here.

First, a few days ago at work, I had this interaction:

Me:  I'm going to lunch. (Not asking permission, just making a statement)
Acting Section Supervisor: Are all your patients gone?
Me: Nope, they're all sitting out in the waiting room.  I figure if they're really sick they'll still be there in an hour when I come back.

See, I've decided that when I'm asked a question that the asker already damn well knows the answer to, I'm going to come back with whatever they don't expect.  Perhaps eventually they'll get the point.

Then today, I had a missed call on my phone from a Houston number and called it back within 5 minutes of the call.  It's a cell phone and returning the call took nothing more than touching the missed call notification and then the call button, but when the guy answered, he tried to tell me that he didn't call.  So I took a minute to explain to this guy how cell phones work and eventually conceded that elves might have snuck into his pocket and called me without his knowledge.

Finally, tonight I stumbled upon this article about a woman who is making her boyfriend 300 sandwiches so he'll propose to her.  Cue the rage.  Now I certainly don't mind cooking delicious food for someone you love.  This isn't some overly sensitive rant about women needing to rise up in rebellion and force men to make their own damn sandwiches.  Sandwich Boycott 2013!  If I'm making myself a sandwich, I'll make a man one too.  If he's sick, he gets a sandwich.  Nope, the part I take issue with is that he put a price on their engagement. 

If a man wants to marry me, a simple question will do fine.  Put a condition on it, and the deal's off.  "I'll only marry you if you do these things."  What a load of shit!  You either want to get married or you don't.  Making your potential fiancee jump through hoops is degrading and offensive.

Lesson 13: If you like it, just put a ring on it.